About G. Mark LaFrancis

G. Mark LaFrancis has been a writer for more than thirty years, mostly in journalism. He has won many local, state and national writing awards as a reporter, editor and columnist.

He is a retiree of the Armed Forces, which he served for twenty-three years in the Air Force, Air National Guard and Air Force Reserve. During his years of service, he earned two Air Force Commendation Medals.

He is employed at the local community college where he manages public relations and marketing, teaches journalism and broadcasting, and advises the award-winning campus newspaper.

He has written emotional humorous, inspiring work across a wide range of age groups, from novels for young readers to poetry and stories for adults. He also has created interactive and lively writing/reading programs for schools, and powerful multi-media presentations for public and private organizations.

The Stairway to Reading ™ project includes inspiring, clean-language books for young and middle readers (“In Search of a Hero,” “A Dance from the Heart and Other Stories,” “Happy Birthday, D.J.,” “My Aunt Helen,” and “The Hunt.” A sixth, “Choir Boy,” a spiritual suspense novel is due out soon.

“Storytelling from Paper to Front Porch: A Writing/Reading Program for School Children” is a humorous, lively interactive program engaging schoolchildren in grades 2 through 8 to learn about the age-old art of storytelling, and to develop their own stories. G. Mark LaFrancis embodies the character of a front-porch storyteller Eddie Ray Billy Jo Jim Bob Jr. (This program is listed on the Mississippi Humanities Council Speaker’s Bureau.)

"In Their Boots: Poems Inspired by Soldiers and Their Loved Ones" is a book series and a multi-media presentation. The first is Book One: Soldiers. Book Two: Family is due to be published this summer. Also, he has created a stunning, enlightening and powerful multi-media presentation based on the poem-stories. Recently, he received a Mississippi Humanities Council Award for the program, which has been presented to more than 3,000 individuals in several states. His poetry collection numbers more than 700 individual poem-stories, created from more than 250 hours of interviews and research. (This program is listed on the Mississippi Humanities Council Speaker’s Bureau.)

Here is the review by Lillie Lovette, Literary Evaluator of the Mississippi Humanities Council: " In Their Boots: Poems Inspired by Soldiers and Their Loved Ones" is a captivating and profound collection that transcends war and opens a window into the warrior and his and her loved ones. Never before have I experienced poetry so powerful, so poignant as this. This is a masterpiece."

He credits his passion for soldiers and veterans to his father George, who fought in World War II, and his grandfather Maximilian, who fought in World War I. Both were proud patriots who impressed on LaFrancis the need to honor those who fought to protect our nation's freedoms.

LaFrancis believes passionately in "giving back," thus has committed to give portions of his proceeds to non-profit organizations.

LaFrancis has been a Boy Scout leader, an advisor to the local junior high school newspaper, and a volunteer with his church.

Stairway to Reading - Grades 2 through 12

“Stairway to Reading” is a motivational, inspirational and educational program for young and middle readers (grades 2 through 8) created by inspirational author G. Mark LaFrancis, who is passionate about helping youngsters gain confidence and courage to both read and write. The project includes a book series, and writing and reading programs for schools and libraries. His work has won the hearts of young readers, teachers and parents. G. Mark LaFrancis takes pride in writing clean-language novels with positive characters and inspiring themes. Each novel comes with “Words to the Wise,” vocabulary-builder words, and suggested teaching projects. Visit our Stairway to Reading Program.