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A Dance from the Heart

Ages 8-11
ISBN 0-9716704-1-2
Pages: 80, Paperback
Excellent for early middle readers
Price: $6.50 (free shipping)
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“Words to the Wise” (listed at the front of the book) contains such vocabulary-builder words as: auditions, pediatric, flourish

“A Dance from the Heart and Other Stories” is a collection of eleven short stories about children who help and inspire one another at Christmas. The stories span a wide range of emotions and challenges. Ages 8-11. Hard cover. $8/each. Free shipping.

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Praise for “A Dance from the Heart”

“These are some of the sweetest and saddest stories I've read.” Vanessa, third grader

“Each story touched my heard and made me glad for what I have.”   Zachary, fourth grader

“I love to dance, but when I read ‘A Dance from the Heart' I realized just how lucky I was. I'll never forget Maria or Jamie.” Jennifer, third grader

The Short Stories

A Dance from the Heart

The Gift of the Magi Came in a Brown Paper Bag

A Bracelet for Jessica

The Christmas Clown

The Ski Tree

Song Li

Man of the House

The Kicked Up Christmas

Clay Birds

The Day the Scouts Came

The Christmas Bird

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